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Stamen Products specialise in the desgin and manufacture of surgical devices to aid foreskin restoration. In short, we help circumcised men recapture what nature originally intended.

As one of the founder members of NORM UK, we at Stamen Products have from the start been making and designing original foreskin restoration devices based on the needs of our customers. We develop the devices they want to see and use. We have a continuous innovation and development program which has most recently produced the new System E: The Stamen Device.

You may see other similar products available as other suppliers have copied our ideas and we take this as a compliment to the quality and design of our foreskin restoration devices.

Every one has different needs when it comes to restoring the foreskin and we are happy to design and manufacture a custom device from your own specification.


We are currently developing a system to solve the problem of Phimosis, which should be ready for mid 2013.

Contact Stamen Products to enquire about this device or our other products.

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