"Thanks, Rob. I've begun trying it out. I understand your admonitions. Will take it slow. That said, got it on easily and all the way--I see the elegance of the solution. Nice work. More feedback down the road, if you like. Hopefully a long ;) success story!"


Dec 21st 2010, Palmsprings Cal.

"Hello Rob,

If you don't mind, I have a question for you. First of all, what an ingenious device!".

"Canadian Guy".

Oct 3 2010


I picked up the device today at the post office, and I am very impressed with its craftsmanship.

Strangely, I cannot tell if the top holding bell is screwed on too tight - it holds with very little pressure! (Which is amazing - the plastic/rubber ones I have used in the past didn't hold at all!)".


Sep 28 2010

"Dear Rob,

Thank you very much for the device.
I have received just 3 days after you had send it.
I do apologize not to have given you a notice about it.
I am more than happy with the results, I had bought other devices which did not help at all.
I really got a difference and it is fantastic, congratulations for this wonderful idea you developed.".

A.S. Germany Nov 9 2009.

"Hi Rob,

I received the device. The larger size seems to have done the trick. It is easier to roll my skin on to the device without have folds that cause irritation issues. The curved pusher is much better too. It now stays centred and doesn't cause irritation of the meatus area. Thank you.".


USA Dec 3 2010

"Your device is giving me back the results I thought I had lost forever.".

A.S. Germany
24 Jan, 2010

"Hi Rob,

Thanks very much for the advice. I put first-aid tape on the surfaces of the device and this has helped a lot...I wore it for a few hours yesterday and it managed to stay in place.

I would say it takes a few days to figure out the correct tension...of course everyone is going to try to the most tension first ... I found something in the middle is best. I can feel the stretch, but it doesn't hurt.

By all means use any of my comments for the site...if I can help other guys in some way, that would be great.

Will keep you updated. Thanks very much".

"Canadian Guy" 9 Oct 2010

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